Rose Garden Gives Everyone Corona-Virus


A Rose Garden ceremony on September 26 at which Donald Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett as his supreme court nominee ended up being more than the Oval Office could handle. Many people in attendance tested positive for coronavirus including President Trump himself. On Friday, october 2, the Trumps former counselor Kellyanne Conway came out and said she had tested positive and had “mild” symptoms.

Two Republican senators Thoms Tillis and Mike Lee, also came out and said they tested positive.

Trump was hospitalized on October 2, with the White House saying he would spend a few days at the Walter Reed national military medical center.

Both multiple Trump officials and allies have tested positive for coronavirus since attending the ceremony. Many of those who have since announced they tested positive for the virus were seated next to each other. Three also did not seem to be too many facial masks in attendance for the ceremony.