Travis Scott – FRANCHISE Review


Matthew Arellano

Last Friday, September 25th, Travis Scott released a long anticpated song originally named White Tee, featuring rapper Young Thug, but changed the name into FRANCHISE. The newly named song also featured artist M.I.A, which you may recognize from a classic song called Paper Planes. Many fans vented on Twitter that the artist MIA did not fit in the song, sadly I would have to agree as well. The song was teased on July 20th on Travis’ own apple radio station, .WAV RADIO, after years of there not being an episode.

The song comes in produced by Chase B and Travis Scott, and Teddy Walton. The song has hard, speaker knocking bass kicks and the beautiful chemistry of Travis and Thug. I believe the original produced and known to be White Tee is a lot better than what we got as FRANCHISE. Travis hit us with a catchy chorus and instrumental that will be stuck in our heads, but his features… not so much.

Young Thug seems to have carried out his verse a little longer than we needed, I think if his verse was cut 4 bars, it would’ve been a perfect verse from Thug. M.I.A was a surprise feature yet she doesn’t really seem to fit the song much, if there was an interlude or beat switch it would’ve been gorgeous, yet her verse has to collide with Travis’ bars to support her while she uses autotune to “support” her monotone vocals throughout the song.

I think the song was perfect before it was rebranded into FRANCHISE, but it has kind of turned into a “just wait for this part!” type of thing. The song released along with a music video taking place in Michael Jordan’s old mansion, showing the franchise Travis has built for himself.

There are shots of him showing the thousands of released and unreleased shoes he has, and he even show cases a new alcoholic beverage called Cacti, he is soon to be releasing. Fans have been speculated that Travis will create a new brand called Cacti for strictly clothes to have some differentiation from the clothes he releases from Cactus Jack.

Overall the song is a good 7/10, being that it’s good from Travis, but not from his peers. Overall it really just depends on your mood and if you don’t mind some extra vocals. The song does give us a lot of information on what is in Travis’ mind right now and the expansion of his franchise. He announces the title of his next album Utopia, a new drink Cacti, and showcases the Cacti Air Force 1s.