New McLaren 765LT


Bryan Gutierrez

The new McLaren 765LT is the latest McLaren supercar which is a high performance version of the McLaren 720s and its an ultra limited production car with an astonishing 754hp. The 0-60 is about 2.7 seconds. The 765LT won’t be an easy car to find, according to McLaren they are only making 765 examples of the 765LT for the entire world. Pricing will start around $360k before options which are plentiful and which is a hefty premium over the regular 720s which start around $300k.

Maybe one of the most impressive is the weight loss, equip one of these right and you can get it under three thousand pounds which would be amazing, that would be a weight loss of around 300 pounds compared to the 720s.

Mclaren have been using the LT name for their highest performance models for some time now which stands with Long Tail, many big models have this name such as 675LT and 600LT. They have been doing everything to outperform their previous models such as weight reduction,suspension,and aerodynamics, which all help with the acceleration time.

Everything from exterior, interior, and performance shows the type of production Mclaren does. The interior is built to weigh less and make you feel like you’re on a track. The exterior has many things done to help with the aerodynamics to help with stability and acceleration. The performance is astonishing. Overall it is a great car to take to the track.