Travis Scott Burger Review


As many people probably already know, Travis Scott has collaborated with the popular fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s. The Travis Scott Meal consist of a Quarter Pounder burger with bacon, medium fries with barbeque sauce, and a drink of your choice. Nothing too special, but a good meal nevertheless. The collab is the first in awhile with the last celebrity to have something with McDonald’s being Michael Jordan 28 years ago when they released the McJordan burger.

Onto the review, nothing can really go wrong with something from McDonalds. I am personally a dedicated fan of Travis Scott as well. So when I heard this collab was happening I was really surprised and excited. The burger itself is pretty good with the Quarter Pounder already being reestablished as a non frozen burger to taste fresher. It was a good soft bite of lettuce, onions, bacon, and beef, just like an ol’ reliable. The fries with barbeque sauce was actually pretty good, nothing wrong with a sweet and savory combination. I also went with a classic sweet ice tea, it was a good meal overall. I’d say with this meal and experience of sorts, it deserves a 7.5/10. Nothing too special, nothing too bland.