Nissan 400z


A rendered teaser of what it may look like.

Sports cars have been exciting this year from the revived Toyota Supra to the mid-engined Corvette, it only makes sense that Nissan would put their own spin on it too. Nissan has unveiled their new Z model car, Nissan 400z.

We don’t really know a lot of the car at this point, but what we do know is that it will be pushing out 400hp from a Twin Turbo V6. It will also have an option to come in a 6 speed manual. The 400z will have different base models such as, base ($45k est.), Premium ($48k est.), track ($50k est.), and Nismo ($53k est.).

Many people have very mixed feelings about the design of the new 400z, based around the previous Z models but mostly off the 240z. Nissan has decided to take their old look and modernize it, which many car enthusiasts don’t like causing such split opinions.