StandWithSophie: Texas girl pleading over sexual abuse by mom's boyfriend in viral video now at 'safe location' | MEAWW

Sophie, 9, is seen in a viral video posted by her biological father claiming her mother’s fiancé sexually assaults her while her mother watches. In the video, we see Sophie crying and trying to stay in the car. She doesn’t want to get out which later leads to her yelling for help when Sophie’s grandmother is trying to drag her out of the vehicle.

The hashtag #StandWithSophie has gained the attention of thousands of people nation-wide after Sophie was seen pleading to not go with her mother during a custody exchange last week and describing the abuse she allegedly endures. A GofundMe was started on August 21, 2020 organized by Sophie’s stepmother Kourtney and it has already raised $180,000 for her dad to get full custody of Sophie. She hopes that her biological father is able to get full custody of her.
Thanks, I hate when children are abused, ignored, and our justice system fails them. : TIHI

Her dad had no choice, but to have Sophie go with her mom because both parents have shared custody. Since she has no phone, her dad has been writing letters to her whenever she’s staying with her mom. Sophie says that she is still being abused and has decided to use code words to let her dad know what’s happening.

Texas girl at the center of Stand With Sophie campaign sent handwritten notes to her father | Daily Mail Online
This is the letter that Sophie wrote to her father. She used codewords in her letter like if she was in danger she would tell him dandelions or daisy so her father would know that she is in danger.