Does the New Ford Bronco Live Up to the Expectations?


The new 2021 Ford Bronco is set to release in a few months after 25 years since the last release. Ford has decided to have a new take on the popular Ford Bronco from 1966 by modernizing it. While many other competitors like Mercedes’s G wagon and Jeep’s Wrangler have decided to take a retro look because of the fear of losing their iconic look. The look of the new Ford Bronco has been greatly approved by the engineers at Ford.

The Bronco will not have a V8 engine, most people, however are not upset over this. The Broncos base engine will be a 2.3L ecoboost but the bigger models such as the Wildtrack and the first edition will have a 2.7L ecoboost, the other models are compatible with the 2.7L ecoboost if desirable. These engines will be pushing out around 270hp to 310hp, even though that is not the most hp it is still a good amount. Many people believe that Ford will come out with a Bronco Raptor variant later that will have a V8 boosting the output power.

Overall the new 2021 Ford bronco has lots of hype for its release, as it should. The re-imagining and modernization of the Bronco has been loved by many people around the community. Many new customization’s such as removable doors, removable bumpers, and off-road track GPS have people getting in line to preorder. Everything about this car has been great, and that’s why I believe it will live up to its expectations.