Coronavirus Outbreak


Urgent global outbreak of the Corona Virus is rapidly spreading, as of Feburary 6 the number of infected across the world has grown to 28,365 infected confirmed. Most of the initial cases occurred in people that have worked at or visited the Human Seafood in Wuhan, China. The virus takes place in the upper respiratory system, infection symptoms such as stuffy nose, cough, sore throat and sometimes a fever develop. Symptoms are very similar to a regular common flu, which is a huge concern. Chinese officials say this is highest death toll in a 24-hour period from a disease.

Although many say this is helping population control, this is an abrupt terrifying matter that is much more. State departments internationally urges against traveling to China (Where this virus originated). The decision came after the World Health Organization designated the outbreak a global public health pandemic in an attempt to get more resources and increase international coordination to fight it. Given the fast rate at which viruses tends to mutate and evolve, tips on how to stay protected from this virus and what to watch for have been viral streaming new channels and social media.

Advice given to the public for safety precautions include: washing your hands more often than usual with alcohol based hand soap, practicing repository hygiene such as covering your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing, discard tissue immediately and clean hands. Maintaining your social distance at least 1 meter ( from those coughing), avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and especially avoid consumption of raw or under cooked animal products. These can help avoid contacting any virus or fever, and possibly preventing the spread of anything else.

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