Star Wars Episode 9; Colin Trevorrow’s Version


Ramon Vaca

Before J.J. Adams took on the job as director and co-writer to the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the task was given to Colin Trevorrow to write the script back in 2015. Since Trevorrow had almost 2 years to work on the screenplay then departed the project because of creative differences between his frequent collaborator Derek Connolly, fans think he had enough time to develop at least one script of Episode 9. The script got leaked by  youtuber Robert Meyer Burnett, who posted a video on January 14 ,2020, breaking down the story/plot on Episode 9 which was going to be called Star Wars: Duel of the Fates.

This script was supposedly made back in December 2016 so there might still have been changes made to the script if Colin would have stayed on the project. This version of Episode 9 really focused the story arcs on Rey, Kylo, Poe, Finn, and even Rose unlike the theatrical movie that got released where Rose where sidelined throughout the whole movie. The plot is Colin’s version leaves off right where The Last Jedi ended where the First Order cut off all communications to the rebellion and, in this version Rose and Finn have their own mission throughout the whole movie. They are to light a beacon in the old Jedi Temple, which will call the galaxy to war. Also in the end Finn and Rose lead force sensitive kids to a remote planet, so Rey can train the next Jedi order.

As for Rey and Kylo Ren, Rey still thinks there is good in Kylo and trying to end the Jedi and Sith war which is where The Last Jedi leaves off. In this version though Kylo killed Reys parents following Snokes orders and Rey finds out. This is in place of the twist being that Palpatine was still alive in the theatrical Episode 9 that came out and is Rey’s father. For the finale Ren and Rey  would have fought on the planet Mortis in a final battle and Force ghosts like Yoda and Luke would try to bring Kylo back to the light. However, he would prove to be too far gone and by the end Kylo would still die, this time at the hands of Rey. Fans are divided by the two versions of the story on which one is better.