Odell Beckham Arrest Warrant


News broke Thursday, January 16 that a judge had signed an arrest warrant for the NFL star wide receiver of the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham Jr. The charge was for “simple battery.” During the NCAA Championship game that saw the Louisiana Tigers versus the Clemson Tigers on Monday, January 13 Beckham the former Louisiana star receiver attended the game to cheer on his college team. He watched on as his Louisiana Tigers took down the number 3 Clemson Tigers with a victory of 42-25 and winning the NCAA championship since 2007.

After the game Louisiana  players went back to the locker room with two NFL players Odell Beckham wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns and Ezekiel Elliot a star running back for the Dallas Cowboys . During the locker room celebration there was a lot of commotion and celebrations caught the eye of law enforcement personnel on hand. Players were smoking and drinking including both NFL players. Per New Orleans code smoking is prohibited in all public venues, and the new age for smoking has just been increased to 21 matching the age of alcohol consumption. According to Louisiana players and news reporters they claim that the former wide receiver Odell Beckham was handing out cash both on and off the field towards the players of Louisiana to celebrate the victory. 

Later that evening in the locker room celebration, Odell intervened as police officers tried to gain control of the partying players. As an officer was speaking to one of the LSU players Odell approached from behind and smacked the officer on the butt. After the arrest warrant was issued for Beckham Jr. it was quickly rescinded due to the affidavit that was signed by the officer who was involved. The officer stated the it was a jovial atmosphere and he did not feel the physical contact was criminal.