Area 51 Raid – A Revisit


A huge American social media event that took place on September 21, 2019 was the purported raid on Area 51 in the U.S Air Force training facility in Nevada resulted in only a small gathering total. The event, created by Matty Robert, was originally a comedic ploy at being humorous about the heavily mythicized and rumored government facility.

“Storm area 51, they cant stop all of us,” Roberts stated although jokingly. However his humor unintentionally got the hype train going and it would spiral out of control. Over 2 million people would go on to sign a petition that agreed to be a part of a “raid” on the military base. Multiple warnings were sent out to the participants advising them not to attempt. Most headed the warnings, only 150 people showed up. 

Roberts stated that the event only had 40 responses three days in, and suddenly unexpectedly went viral. Mr.Roberts decided to plan a sizable “Alien stock” music festival nearby as an alternative, a co-host of the media event. “I’m really trying to direct people away from actually going toward the military base because that is dangerous, So i’m trying to direct people toward the safer option of just going to one of these parties that’s being set up.” Roberts stated.