Can You Beat The Clock: Wendy’s Edition

Can You Beat The Clock: Wendys Edition

Today the destination is Wendys. After the bell rings, I have Exactly 38 minutes to get my food and get back to school. It takes approximately 4 minutes to make it to the car: 33 minutes remaining. This time was made a bit longer than one might think as the CSM at the front gate checks lunch ID passes before you’re allowed to leave campus. There’s minimal traffic on Holman Road and my GPS estimates it will only be a seven-minute drive. After making it to the parking lot I have 25 minutes remaining. After pulling into the empty drive-thru it only takes seven minutes until I am pulling out onto the road. Once in the car, I have 18 minutes remaining.  I pulled into the parking lot with my 4 for 4 chicken nuggets, fries, chicken sandwich, and Coke with 12 minutes to spare. 

Departure time:10:32

Arrival Time:10:53