Beat The Clock: Costco Edition

Summer LaBass

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While Costco is well known for its cheap bulk groceries it has one lesser-known feature; Its food court. Today the destination is the Costco food court. After the bell rings, I have exactly 38 minutes to get my food and get to my next class. It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to make it to the car 33 minutes remaining. There’s minimal traffic on Holman Road and my GPS estimates it will be a nine-minute drive. After finding parking at the crowded Costco I have 22 minutes remaining. After exiting my car it only takes about six minutes until I am walking out of the door with my delicious and inexpensive hotdogs and soda; priced at just $1.50. Once in the car, I have 16 minutes remaining. All in all, I enjoyed my Costco Hotdog and pulled into the parking lot with 7 minutes to spare. 

Departure time:10:32

Arrival Time:10:55