Can You Beat The Clock: Subway Edition

Can You Beat The Clock: Subway Edition

Summer LaBass

This series will attempt to answer an off-campus lunch pass holder’s biggest concern. How long will it take to get your food and get back to class?

Today the destination is Subway. After the bell rings, I have Exactly 38 minutes to get my food and get back to school. It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to make it to the car 33 minutes remaining. This time was made a bit longer than one might think as the CSM at the front gate checks lunch ID passes before you’re allowed to leave campus and there is sometimes a line. There’s minimal traffic on Holman Road and my GPS estimates it will only be a six-minute drive. After making it to the parking lot I have 25 minutes remaining. After exiting my car it only takes about eight minutes until I am walking out of the door with my delicious turkey breast sandwich with pepper jack cheese, cucumbers, olives, pickles, and banana peppers. Once in the car, I have 17 minutes remaining. All in all, I enjoyed my Subway lunch and made it back to school with just under ten minutes to spare. 

Departure time:10:32

Arrival Time:10:51