How to Become Part of Chavez Homecoming Court

Homecoming will be Friday, October 18.

CCHSOracle Staff

Homecoming will be Friday, October 18.

Homecoming is just around the corner and the dream of becoming king or queen is starting to enter student’s minds. With the dream of becoming homecoming queen or king students will need to do a few things in order to secure your throne. The first two things that students need to do are be very kind and well involved with the schools community.

Starting from freshmen year, students should already start being kind, loyal, and involved in as much as they can be around the school. Through their first three years of high school one should start putting a name to a face before senior year. This will allow students to create a name for their-self as a student that is respected by peers and teachers. It will also show people who each student is by being very involved with school events and activities. Then, when senior year comes around students are able to run for homecoming king or queen. Winning homecoming court will allow you to become homecoming king or queen. While it is mostly based on a popularity vote, that popularity stems from how you have participated in your first three years of high school activities. The students are the ones who make the decision on who gets the honors of being Chavez King and Queen.

In order run for homecoming court students have to follow a few requirements to be eligible. One is to maintain good grades and have a good GPA. Another is to participate in any extracurricular activities such as clubs or sports. All schools are different, and here at Cesar Chavez the final requirement for a student to run for homecoming court is that they need to be in a club and then the club will nominate a student to be their candidate.

The king and queen will be announced at half time of the homecoming football game on Friday, October 18.