Free SAT at Chavez


October 19, 2019 all Seniors will be able to take the SAT for free at Chavez.

On October 16, 2019 Cesar Chavez High School will be giving a free SAT test to all seniors that are on campus that day. Chavez seniors are already registered for the test and simply need to show up and do their best.

Free SAT:

Taking the SAT would show off the skills and knowledge colleges care about. The SAT is being offered free on October 16, 2019. Athena Greenwood of the CCHS Career Center said, “It is the first time that the district is doing free SAT like this. Students get three free tests, two from the waiver we give students and one from the school district that we are giving them on 10/16.”

Students are going to have three vouchers, one on site and two from the college they are applying to. The district wants to try to give students opportunity to take the SAT since it’s going to be free. Greenwood added, ” The only time you have to pay, is the time you are going to reschedule to take the SAT.” The price for this would be thirty dollars to reschedule. The free SAT is applied to 12th graders, but 9th-11th graders could take the practice SAT to prepare.

How to practice for SAT:

To practice for the SAT, students can go to the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. It is probably one of the best ways to prepare for the test, plus it is free. Using Khan Academy helps you focus on what exactly you need to practice the most. Khan Academy has Interactive Problems and Instant Feedback, Video Lessons, Full-Length Practice Tests, Personalized Study Plans, and Big Results to help be prepare for what is going to be on the SAT. To sign up on the SAT go to

SAT Schedule:

On the day of the testing expect to find the following schedule:

  • 7:16-8:00 pre registration in your assigned classroom.
  • 8:00-12:35 is testing.
    • 65 minutes is reading comprehension.
      • 10 minutes of break.
    • 35 minutes of writing/ language.
    • 25 minutes of math without an calculator.
      • 5 minutes break.
    • 55 minutes of math with calculator.
      • 2 minutes of break inside room.
    • 50 minutes of SAT essay.
  • 12:40-1:10 is Lunch.
  • 1:15-2:13 is return to 4th period.

Bring a #2 pencil (NO Mechanical pencils), pens, and highlighters may be used. College Board approved calculators only. Snacks for scheduled breaks. Cell phones will need to be turned off and stored in backpacks in the back of the room. Phones aren’t used from 7:16-12:35; even during the scheduled breaks.