Cesar Chavez PLUS Buddies and More

Chavez PLUS program has started with a bang this year. With things such as lunchtime activities, rock painting, and musical chairs. They also will have a lounge to eat lunch that is fully equipped with couches, microwaves, and comfy chairs, and most ambitiously PLUS has pioneered a teacher-student buddy program. 

Similar in some ways to a senior-freshman buddy program, or even pen pals. A teacher-student buddy program has one goal. To support our teachers and let them know they are supported and appreciated by the students of CCHS. 

 Students in SUSD know better than anyone that we aren’t always the easiest kids; so having teachers and staff at Chavez that unconditionally support us is one of the most important aspects of our education and school career.

This program began on August 5 and was met with moderate success and a wide variety of reactions. 

Many teachers welcomed their new student buddy gladly and with open arms. One drama teacher going as far as to make their student buddy an honorary part of his drama kids and tell them that they will be more than welcome at all up and coming drama performances. To read more about one of our drama productions (check the story out here.)

On a less welcoming note, some PLUS students were met with less than enthusiastic reactions to their presence. Some teachers, quite understandably in a few cases, did not appreciate the interruption of their classroom and asked them to return another time.

While a small number of other teachers took a less diplomatic approach to refuse entrance to their classroom and simply shut the door in their buddy’s face. 

It is possible that their student-buddies did not greet them appropriately or had a past relationship with the student that would make them less receptive to their offer of support.

However despite this, I would hope our teachers, staff, mentors would look at our students with a new perspective daily. The effort the PLUS students are making is obvious and helpful, it is also them attempting to build rapport between staff and students across campus.

On the topic of inappropriate student behavior. If you are a staff member and feel that your student buddy’s behavior was less than appropriate you can contact Ms. Salazer in G122.