Early Graduation at CCHS

The Life of Early Grad Alyssa Viveros


International Women’s day is a day where women are treated and shown just how important they are in life and how we would be lost without them. Most young ladies grow into women during their teen years of high school. 

High school is a place where young kids can mature into smart and outstanding citizens of society. Most kids at Cesar Chavez High School also graduate earlier than others because they have finished there high school requirements ahead of time. One young Chavez student who has grown into a very independent young woman is Alyssa Viveros.

Alyssa started the year looking forward to her graduation with long time students and friends. She did not realize that the day would come sooner than expected. Alyssa got news before winter break that she would have the option to graduate even earlier than expected and she jumped at the opportunity.

After graduating early Alyssa felt very proud and accomplished of herself by how far she had come in four years. Ever since she left high school she hasn’t been slacking and in her free time she works hard and prepares herself for her future. She feels immensely better about not having the stress of turning in assignments on time or having mental breakdowns before a test. She is very excited to have longer breaks than a high school student also. Since leaving high school she has gotten her license, accepted into Sacramento State, Sonoma State, and East Bay, and has continued to look at campuses in order to make her decision.

Alyssa is just one of the millions of woman who have shown how independent they are and how far they can take their life and even further. There is no limit to how important woman are and international women’s day is a great way to show how much we appreciate them.