Beauty Guru Being Haunted!


Daisy Marquez claims she has been haunted in her new apartment.

YouTube entertainment consists mostly of ghost stories, make-up tutorials, fashion ideas, and cats riding vacuums. Daisy Marquez combines multiple of those in her new videos talking about the beauty guru’s new haunted house. Things have started going crazy for Daisy ever since she moved into a new apartment. She has began documenting footage and telling stories of the hauntings of her apartment. 

Daisy Marquez has been a beauty guru on YouTube for the last two years. Everything has been fairly amazing in her life being a very famous beauty guru and all. Until one day she moved into a new apartment right next to a mortuary and has had so many weird and creepy things happen to her. Daisy isn’t the type of person to be scared so easily, but the things that have been happening to her are terrible. You can watch her video provided here: Listen to her story that sent chills through my body. She has a ghost that is haunting her because of an apartment she chose to live in.

Daisy has worked hard to get to where she is in the beauty community on YouTube. She has gone through many terrible situations and has stayed strong through it all. This situation however, is tearing Daisy apart and being a fan of hers since her day one video makes me feel for her. We should come together and help support this tough situation that she’s going through. However being the strong person she is, she tries to get rid of the ghost but, something unexpected happens to her! Stay turned for a sequel to this crazy story!