Earphones and Hoodies Across Campus

Earphones and Hoodies Across Campus

Have you ever been minding your own business with a hoodie on and a pair of earphones doing your work peacefully and your teacher starts to make a big deal out of it? What about across campus and the CSM starts asking you to take your hoodie off or confiscates your earphones making you get them back after school? You are not alone, but there is a reason as to why this happens.

From the students’ view a hoodie can act as a security blanket for them. Of course it is used for comfort from the cold, but for some, to cover simple insecurities about themselves. More confusing though is how we can wear a hat or a beanie in class, but still no hoodie.

Earphones are a different story. I can see why teachers don’t like them because of the distraction that is caused in most students. They will find a playlist they like and drift off into their own world. However, for a lot of students, earphones are a big deal as it gets them through the day successfully. Many students use the earphones during classwork time and to stay focused. Often times the noise takes them away from their troubled thoughts and relaxes them so they can work on schoolwork.

As for teachers and CSMs, they view hoodies and earphones as safety issues across campus. For example CSMs don’t like students wearing hoodies because they cannot identify the student and want to keep the campus safe from intruders or people that don’t belong at Chavez. For the earphones they don’t like it because if one of the CSMs are calling out names most of the time students would not hear them causing a safety issue on campus.

I think hoodies should be allowed because students are outside a lot and it can get cold for anyone not named Gruno. Most of the time they wear them to simply keep warm. As for the earphones, they too should be allowed on campus because for students use them during independent work time in class to stay focused.