5 Things You Can Do to Help the Environment


    1.Be Informed

The best way of being informed is by staying updated on what is going on in you country and around the world. Ways of doing that is by searching up pages on environmental websites, following social media accounts that give brief details and notify you when necessary. Websites such as https://www.treehugger.com/ or https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/.

  1. Be Vocal

The media rarely shines light on the topic of climate change, and there must be something done to change it. Ways you can do this is by having more conversations with the people within your community and start making some change there. You can also be an advocate of climate change by forming a platform that will get everyone talking about it. And now that you are informed, being vocal becomes more powerful.

  1.  Make Your Commute a Bit Greener.

When driving our cars we add a bit more to the percentage of pollution in the air. Car emissions are the second factor of climate change after gas and oil industries. When reducing emission transportation you can save money, time, and even be healthier all around. Some healthier options for transportation are either riding a bike, taking public transport, car sharing, or switching to an electric/hybrid car.

  1. Consume and Waste Less

Sometimes we tend to forget that simple things such as spending time indoors, out in nature, time with our family, or making others feel good is a part of changing our climate when we’re not buying and consuming goods that take up a lot of energy. You can always reuse, up-cycle, and compost certain wastes that can be useful to you in other ways.

  1. Eating for a More Stable Planet.

We always tend to overeat and sometimes it’s not good for our bodies or the Earth. When consuming meat we become unhealthy and waste a ton of energy on raising these animals. When purchasing plastic wrapped products we are adding more of that into our soil, oceans, and animals. Healthier options are: eating meat free meals, growing our own fruits and vegetables, buying organic local foods, and simply not wasting. When throwing away foods you can always turn into composts as previously mentioned.

“We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation.” – Francois Hollande (President of France)