Greta Van Fleet Takes on SNL


The Michigan based rock and roll band Greta Van Fleet appeared on NBC’s  “Saturday Night Live” January 19, 2019 and performed their songs “You’re The One” and  “Black Smoke Rising.” Their song “Black Smoke Rising” off of their album with the same name started with lead guitarist, Jake Kiszka, coming in with a groovy tuned riff that will get your attention immediately. Followed by that riff comes the wailing vocals of front man and twin brother, Josh Kiszka.

As the performance continues you see the younger brother of the twins, Sam Kiszka, rocking out while playing the bass and band friend Danny Wagner beating his way into our hearts with his drums. After the performance of “Black Smoke Rising” the boys take it slow and acoustic with their song “You’re The One” from their newest album Anthem of The Peaceful Army. Jake Kiszka starts off the song with smooth guitar strumming and being accompanied by his brother on the piano organ. Giving us a feel of what love and fashion might have felt like back in the 70’s.

The boys continue to play and give us a look into what their wardrobe consists of, and most of that is colorful sequin clothing and indigenous inspired jewelry. Then half-way through, they start to jam out like they are back home in Traverse City. Towards the end the boys give a warm thank you and smile to their audience and the performance ends. Next time you’re debating on what to watch on YouTube, head on over to the SNL channel and rock out with Greta Van Fleet.