Ever heard of a chocolate road?


A street in Germany was transformed into a river of chocolate after it had overflowed from a factory on Monday and hardened into a delicious stretch of road.

The DreiMeister factory in Werl was blamed on “a small technical defect” involving a storage tank, according to German newspaper Soester Anzeiger. Someone speaking for the Werl Fire Department told Reuters that about a ton of chocolate came from the factory and into the street. It was said that soon after hitting the chilly pavement, the milk chocolate quickly hardened. The cleaning of the chocolate road was left to about twenty-five firefighters along with a specialist company. They started with prying the coating off with shovels and then using hot water and torches to remove the remaining chocolate from cracks and holes.

The owner had said it would of “been a catastrophe,” if the spill had happened closer to Christmas.