The Dark Side

A Halloween Poem


The Dark Side

Welcome to the dark side.

Follow me and stay close to my side.

Don’t wander off to explore,

don’t go by yourself through that closed door.


The life here is not really.

they here are the sick and silly.

Silly, as in the Psycho man

the one who kills all that it can.

This man lives behind the door of steel.

You may not believe me, but he is real.


He’s bald headed, with one eye

yet sees everything like he’s perched in the sky.

His right limb, a hand once sat,

but now it’s food for that hungry rat.


All here are that of the undead.

Some full body, others not even a head.

They all have come closer for one meaning,

for it is time to start their feeding.

I brought you here for only this

You’ll be gone shortly, and never missed.


They’ll slowly gnaw at your flesh,

but don’t worry you won’t become a big mess.

The blood will vanish as the vampires flock.

Listen. Can you here that? It’s now twelve ‘o clock

and the rest will come. Now the party will start

and there’ll be a feast for all from your parts.


The zombies march in their monotonous step

as the werewolves take the bodies to prep.

Don’t worry there’s not much time left for you.

If you’d like, I can tell you exactly what they’ll do.


They will drag you down to their crypt

take your blood for the vampires to sip.

They’ll skin your body from head to toe

as the kettle on the fire begins to glow.

Then they’ll quarter you off limb by limb.


To you all this probably seems jarringly grim,

But to all the others it’s considered a feast.

The vampires, zombies, Psycho man, and the Beast

are ready to eat whatever has been prepared

and they’ll choose who they want by whoever is most impaired.

After that, no matter what, you’re destiny is to be made

for dinner, but worry not, after awhile the pain will fade.


You wonder who this “Beast” truly is,

well the Psycho man’s pet is who he is.

He’s seven-foot with a blood red coat of fur

and a little bit of fear inside you he will stir.

He eats raw flesh like the rats in the tomb

and bellows like the man in the dungeon of doom.

His fangs hang down so he can tear the skin

of the living bodies that visit his akin.


If you would like my personal advice, I will give you some.

If you want to live another day, in this house never come.