A Theater Ghost


Many people have heard this story, but I’m gonna tell it from a drama kids point of view. People always go in and out of the theater and they hear things that should not normally be heard. Now I’m not saying it’s just creaks from the old building. No, in fact it is a totally different kind of sound. A manipulated sound, such as doors slamming and walls being hit when there’s noone in any of the rooms.

The biggest thing is seeing figures and hearing footsteps behind you and in the rafters of the theater. When you’re with people it’s ok because you know you aren’t alone so your mind doesn’t wander. But, when you’re alone and you hear something you don’t have an explanation because there’s obviously no one with you. It makes it difficult to be in the theater alone….because you are not alone. Steve is with you!

There are many stories about Steve and how he got there. I’ve heard stories from an ancient burial ground to a custodian falling from the rafters. I’ve never gotten a straight explanation as to how he’s gotten there. Noone has. The only one that knows is Steve himself.

There have been many different sightings of different things from a woman in the booth during shows, to a man in the darkest corners of the stage and house. One custodian recently even, saw what could be described as a wolf wandering the theater. But Steve has always been a constant.

There are always tells of where Steve is sitting or staying. When you look from the stage the brightest seat in the audience is his chair and the chair in the dead center of the audience is another chair he like s to frequently put up and down as he sits and watches. You always know where Steve is because the light flickers above him. So next time you’re in the theater maybe you’ll be sitting with him.