Snakes on Campus

Snakes on Campus

Do you stand in line for what feels like hours just to use the bathroom? The bell rings and now you’re late for class. Why doesn’t the staff open more of the many bathrooms on the Cesar Chavez campus you may ask yourself. This is because Chavez staff have had an ongoing issue with snakes. There have been multiple snake sightings reported to admin.

One student who chose to remain anonymous, reported their encounter with a snake. “I was headed to the A building bathroom in hopes it was open because it never really is and I really had to go. Anyways to my surprise it was open. I went inside and went into the handicapped stall. I just so happened to look into the toilet and there was a snake just sitting there in the toilet bowl. I let out a light scream and the snake started to move and come out of the bowl.”

After this the student went into the next stall. There was no snake in the toilet bowl, but rather on top of the toilet paper-holder.

“I was scared so I left the bathroom and went directly across to the main office. I told the lady sitting behind the desk about it. She stared at me and with a straight face she said okay. I waited for a quick second to see if she was going to call a janitor or something but she never did. She probably thought I was crazy,” the student reported.

This was not the only sighting of snakes in school bathrooms. Because of this certain buildings have been off limits to students. G building and C building bathrooms are the only bathrooms that have had fewer than three reports. The janitors are required to check before each bathroom is opened. The CSM’s or any other staff members must wait for the okay from the janitors before they can open the bathroom to the students. This is the reason CSM’s are often late opening the bathrooms. So whenever you go to use the bathroom watch out because snake bites occur purely out of reaction.