Baby Season

Baby Season

Erika Torres and Jennifer Landin

In the upcoming season of fall, it’s not only the season for the beautiful reds and oranges, but it also seems to be baby season for “some”. It has been questioned if teachers actually had babies or if they just wanted some time off. These assumptions have been made because there has been no proof whatsoever.  Some questions that have come from students across campus. Where are the baby pictures? Why haven’t we heard about these babies? We know that every Thursday, teachers get together to hang out and interact with each other and their families, so why haven’t the staff members met the babies either?

Let’s take Mr. Sorby for an example, he had not even mentioned that his wife was pregnant and one day he “suddenly” has to take time off from work because his wife was giving birth soon. Suspicious don’t you think? He had mentioned to his class that he had always dreamed about visiting Paris. A week before his wife was “going to give birth” his TA had witnessed him looking at tickets for flights.

What a coincidence.

Then within a month  of that, he took a month and a week off of school, and recently came back the 15th of October.  His TA mentioned that on his way to the classroom he ran into him making him drop his keys noticing a brand new Paris key chain. Everything is adding up. Whats going on Mr. Sorby?