Reason on Why the Kawasaki H2 is so Fast


The Kawasaki H2 is considered a legal street bike. Its comes out of the factory supercharged weighing about 529.0 lb, pushing around 310 horse power going for a top speed of 249 mph.

The H2 is considered the world’s fastest motorcycle and most riders are trying to get their hands on this bike, but there is a high price for this motorcycle. This supercharged hyper sport bike is literally going for $22,000 U.S dollars. 

Kawasaki set out to build the fastest accelerating bike in the world and therefore produced the most powerful. “The kind of acceleration no rider has experienced before.”

Kawasaki made another version of the bike as well and goes by the name of The H2r, The H2r’s price range is at $55,000 U.S dollars. Now this Motorcycle is not street legal. It’s simply the most powerful production motorcycle ever. Its supercharged 998cc inline-4 pumps out an incredible 300 hp, substantially more than even a top flight MotoGP racer has.