What is Better Than A Single Can of Coke?


In Forsyth County Georgia, a naked man broke into a liquor store to steal a single can of coke. Going simply by the name of Wyatt and wearing nothing more than a pair of shoes, he entered the store with the use of a hammer.  He is in his sixties and he really only wanted a can of coke. To add to the strangeness of the story, police had found Wyatt in front of the store three nights earlier unclothed as well.

Police stated that Wyatt had a diminished mental capacity for which he takes medicine for, and that the first time they found him, he had forgotten a few doses.  When they found him the first time they had taken him to the hospital, however this time around he was transported to jail. After taking the can of coke and drinking it he then laid down in the middle of the floor to rest until 4 a.m, around that time he then exited the store and was charged with burglary.