What’s Better Than Donuts and Money?


A man from Tallahassee, Florida demanded something to eat as well as money while attempting to rob a Krispy Kreme.

The suspected robber, Siwatu A. Wright, is a forty five year old male who allegedly attempted the robbery at 1:20 a.m. on a Friday. During the attempted theft he demanded cash in denominations of tens, twenties, and added in some donuts as well.  The store clerk was shocked and didn’t respond to the robber as he repeated the same demand.

The clerk retreated to the back of the store to ask for assistance from other employees. Another female employee responded and also was asked for the same demand of money and donuts. Immediately after the second demand the two clerks then called for their male colleague to assist them from the back of the store.  When he came to speak with Wright he told him to leave, Wright then left, but was found by the police walking south of the Krispy Kreme and was arrested. Wright later used the defense that he was trying to order from the “secret menu.”