Skating and Fashion


A regular skater at El Dorado skatepark, Chavez alum Jerenai Pensotes, takes his skills off the skateboard and puts it into clothing for the park and park goers. When asked on why he made the shirts his response was “I wanted my peers to be fitted.” Most of El Dorado regular skaters, as well as myself, bought one and wear it with pride. The clothing comes in a fashionable black shirt as well as white and grey with graffiti lettering that spells out helldo.

Jerenai’s inspiration for the Stockton skate gear are streetwear clothing brands such as Stray Rats and Mates brand, but mostly inspired of famous pro skater and artist Mark Gonzales of anything he is wearing. Jerenai, a former CCHS graduate, has stated that everyone has been, “… real supportive of my artistic expression and they have always backed me up.”

Jerenai will be having more shirts and graphics coming out March 2018, as well with a solo show in June 2018 for the photography that he does. After we finished with the interview I asked if he wanted to put anything special on one of the shirts. He is aiming to do an “EL DORADO 4 LIFE shirt as well as a shout out to dear friend and former Chavez student Christopher Combs, rest in peace you will be in our hearts forever ¨