3 boys arrested for beating an 8 year-old

On September 28, 2017, in Stockton, California three boys were arrested after video of them beating an 8 year old boy. It was posted on a social media platform, Instagram.

The boy, who was a victim to this outlandish crime, was riding his bike on South Union street and Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd when the three boys decided to beat him. The boys, who are 10, 13, and 14, took 8 year old Charles Jones against his will into a nearby home. The juveniles were able to take Jones’ bike and sixteen dollars he had earned at the Buggy Car Wash near his home in South Stockton. He was threatened that him and his father would be taken into a cave and killed if anything was said about the situation. Thankfully the crime wasn’t able to escalate beyond a sore neck and bruised ribs Charles.

With no mother at home and his father not being attentive with his child, Jones was able to get away with a lie to cover up what had happened. From what his father knew, the boy was “attacked by two white dudes who took [his] bike”. It wasn’t until the 8 year old’s older sister saw the video on Instagram of her little brother being beat, that the true story came out to light. The sister came down from San Francisco to Stockton to report the incident and make their father aware of it.

The fourth person who recorded the incident is still unknown.

Arrest on all 3 boys have been made.