Cesar Chavez Throw down 2017

Cesar Chavez High School will be having their annual throwdown on October 25, 2017 to raise money for clubs who signed up to sell. In an interview with head leadership committee planner, Mr. Areida, you will be informed about what is coming your  way for throwdown 2017!  The person who is in charge of this year´s event will be Brianna Sanchez. The purpose of  this event is to show school spirit and support for school clubs. All clubs will be selling different foods, some will be cultural while others will be everyday regular foods. Leadership teacher, Mr. Areida, said ¨The benefit that comes out from this event will be the chance for students to try something new and have a new experience.¨  

The time will be at  2:15 to 3:15. Rumor has it Mrs. Jackson, Cesar Chavez principal, might release students out of class early due to students that take bus transport. There might be a chance students will be released at around 1:30, in order to have more time to participate at throwdown. If you’re wondering what will be sold, there will be various clubs of different cultures that will be selling distinctive foods. Foods such as lumpias, Mexican corn, root beer floats, candy, sodas, and etc.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Areida said is ¨Clubs can’t use electricity circuits due to power outages. Their dishes won’t be homemade and must be store bought due to health standards. Many have asked ‘Why throwdown isn’t done at the Homecoming game?”  It is not done that way because clubs and athletics do not want to compete when it comes to snacks. Throwdown is to raise money for clubs only, for football their homecoming game is a chance to raise money from the snack bars for their athletic category.

Throw down has been done annually for nine years and in those years it used to be done during homecoming  but due to, too many other things that are planned, leadership struggles to keep up with it. So after some time things have changed and throw down is better off made after homecoming. “I will be at throwdown promoting lumpias just because they are so good, I buy a whole bunch of them before the club even sets up their table.” Mr. Areida said. You heard it here first folks, make sure you come out and show some spirit for CCHS and it’s incredible clubs!