Point Break

Point Break

Valerie Medrano, Reporter

Point break is designed to help students improve their behavior, attitude, and morals at the highschool level. This will be done throughout the course of the year on campus and in the community. Focus will be put on intervening before violence occurs or any acts of bullying occurs. Because of this students will create better learning environments for them and their peers as well as forging relationships with staff and other Chavez students.

Cesar Chavez High School has a well known program that almost everyone at Chavez has been in which is called Point Break. This program is a gathering of underclassmen and volunteers from the upperclassmen where you are free to feel more comfortable with others and meet new students from this campus. “This helps them be more open and comfortable to about their feelings to others,” says a first time volunteer and junior at CCHS, Omar Salcedo.

Point breaks are on Thursdays for the entire day. The students join in many activities, interact with new people, and make new friends. “My favorite part of this program was at the end with the afformations and how we compliment each other to lift our spirits up,” says sophomore at CCHS, Khang Ho. Students have said that this program has made them become more aware of what others think or feel. “This program opened my eyes to how others are treated,” also says Omar Salcedo.

About three years ago, they had only freshman attending Point Break, recently, they have changed it to sophomores. Either way, it’s good for the students at Chavez to join Point Break. This program will change how students will think and to treat others. For underclassmen who are going to join this program, you won’t regret it.