Skills USA Selling Paletas


Cesar Chavez High School’s Skills USA Club has been selling paletas in numerous flavors for them to raise money for our school’s Skills USA team, where highly-skilled Chavez students compete against many other schools in a technical skill and leadership skills competition that will be held in San Diego on April 20th to the 23rd.

Jocelyn Solima-Fortes, Natalie Maya, John Michael Supangan and a few others help sell paletas almost everyday after school to raise money to cover the lodging of each member in the competition.

It is definitely a “proud to be a Titan” moment because this year, SkillsUSA is going to State to compete in different fields such as: audio production, digital cinema, technical drafting, and television video production.

Paletas come in many flavors such as mango, strawberry. rice, lemon lime, coconut, pineapple, cookies and cream which is their most popular flavor, and many more. It really is too irresistible to not want to buy a paleta so get one on most days after school in the front so you can enjoy a cool treat and to also support our amazing SkillsUSA team!