Back to School/SLC Night



On February 7th, Cesar Chavez brought all the Small Learning Communities together in a meeting so that 8th graders who were interested in coming to Chavez could get a glimpse of which SLC they would like to join and get an idea of what they would want to study when going into college. The SLC Fair was held at 5 o’clock on a Tuesday. The listed SLCs’, Health, Communications Technology, Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), Law & Order, and Environmental Science all had to be there to represent and advise the future CCHS students.

On Thursday, February 9th at 5 o’clock parents and students were given a second opportunity this school year at Back to School Night. This event was designed so that parents and students get an opportunity to meet with the new teachers and new classes being offered for the students second term.

Back to School Night is a promotion that the Stockton Unified School District has done for many years. It is an event that occurs once a year as a way to build community relationships and relationships with the parents of our students.