Polynesian Club


Vanessa Hem

Chavez Polynesian Club members stretch before they practice their narrative dance routines.

Choosing a club at CCHS is like picking a crayon out of a Crayola box to color with. There are so many to choose from and it is truly up to what each person wants to determine what is best for them . One of those clubs that has been around for more than seven years is the CCHS Polynesian Club advised by Mr. Coleman.

The Polynesian Club is a beautiful mixture of Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing. Each dance tells a story of something or somebody. It is very meaningful once you get to know the culture. Meetings and practices are every Wednesday in the band room, in F Building. They start after school and go on until nearly 4:30. Learning the dance and culture is not very easy; it is hard work. When you put your all into the dance it becomes smooth and graceful. Don’t forget to join Polynesian Club! While learning how to dance, you learn about the culture.