Historic Mayor Election  for Stockton



After years of having a white male mayor, history was made November 9, 2016 at 12:02 pm, when Michael Tubbs became the first African American mayor in the city of Stockton. Michael Tubbs, a Democrat, received 32,611 votes while Anthony Silva, the Republican candidate running for the city’s mayor only received 13,711 votes. At only 26 years old, this makes Tubbs the youngest mayor in Stockton’s history.

With Tubbs in charge he plans to deal with violent crimes, homelessness, and economic development (bring new jobs to Stockton).  Tubbs stated  “I am running for Mayor of Stockton because I believe deeply in the promise and potential of our city. Born and raised in South Stockton, I could have either been another statistic or worked hard to achieve success. I focused on school and received a scholarship to Stanford. After graduating and completing internships at Google and the White House, I came back to serve our community and help others have an opportunity to succeed.” Despite Silva trying to use Tubb’s age against him stating “ Tubbs was too young, too inexperienced, and too connected to Stockton’s power structure”, he was able to obtain 70% of the votes according to the associated press.

Tubbs was born in Stockton and is a graduate of Franklin High School. He holds a B.S. from Stanford University and an M.S. also from Stanford University, in Policy, Leadership and Organization. Michael Tubbs is a member of the Stockton City Council in California, representing District 6. He was elected to the council in 2012.  Tubbs will take office January 1,  of 2017.