Reaping the Dead to Live

Paris E-15_Ashley Moral_small

Ashley Moral taken this picture where Mr.Wagner wears a reaper costume and Ms.Wertz with her students in the back


Mr. Wagner participated in the “Every 15 Minute Program” and he was the Grimm Reaper. In this program we asked him how he felt, he said, “Yeah, I had fun,” and  said, “I was in the scenes but I never showed my face and never talked.”

Who made him participate in the program, he replied, “I was asked by Ms. Reece to participate in this program.”

He also participated in this program because he said, “We know that one of these days students are always one day going to drink and drive, so why not participate in this program and have a few casualties.”

Mr. Wagner is also 34 years old and he is a teacher at Cesar Chavez High School. He teaches world history and American Government which he likes to teach a lot.

He said, “I hope that my students will be careful out there and be safe in their neighborhood.”