Behind the Scenes of Ashley Moral

Every 15 Minutes around the world, there are car crashes that involve drunk drivers. These car crashes happen mostly with under the influence teenagers. To  prevent this, there is this program called E-15; This program is specifically for juniors and seniors to prevent this from happening. CCHS senior Ashley Moral is a yearbook photographer and took photos of this event.

My name is Aaron Hensley and I am a reporter for CCHS oracle, and I interviewed Ashley Moral about her being a photographer at the E-15 program. I interviewed Ashley Moral on March 14, 2016, these are the first set of questions I have for her. What was it like taking pictures of this scene? Ashley Moral said, “It was strangely emotional, if it was to be my friends it would be a different story.” Next question was, Was it tough to take the pictures? “Not so much tough but I had to work around people a lot,” said Ashley Moral. Next question, What did you take pictures of? Ashley Moral said, “I took pictures of the crash and the helicopter coming down from the sky.” These were the only questions I had for her this day.

I am back to interview Ashley the next day on March 15, 2016. The next for question I have for her is, Did you cry when you took the pictures? Ashley Moral said, “Yes I did because I started thinking about if it was to really happen to my friends.” Next question is, Were you excited when you found out you was going to take pictures of this event? “Yes I was because there was only two CCHS yearbook photographers picked and I was one of them,” said Ashley Moral. These were the last of the interview questions I had for Ashley Moral.

In this E-15 program, there were a bunch of seniors that were acting in this event. There were actual dead people and there was the living dead. The actual dead were teenagers that were killed in a car crash. The living dead was teenagers that were hurt in these accidents but are living. There is also the suspect that was the drunk driver. He was sentenced and booked to life in prison for vehicular man slaughter.

Overall, this program was to help raise awareness for drunk drivers. It was to send messages out to juniors and seniors of Cesar Chavez High School to not drink and drive, because this can all become true and happen to you. Ashley Moral a CCHS yearbook photographer was picked to attend this program and take pictures.