Behind Every 15 Minutes

Senior, Karma Savala, director of Every 15 Minutes video.
Senior, Karma Savala, director of the Every 15 Minutes video.

“Every 15 Minutes” is a program intended to show high school students the possible scenarios that can result from drinking and driving. Its goal is to reduce the rate of teen deaths, relating to DUI.

Karma Savala, a senior at Cesar Chavez High School, was behind the camera that created the video for the Every 15 Minutes program. The video was shown to the junior and seniors of Cesar Chavez High School on Friday, March 4. The video included some scenes with actual students and staff from the school that participated. The video showed what would happen if a drunken teen had caused an accident that killed students, and injured others.

“It was a difficult project, but was rewarding with a powerful message,” Karma Savala said.

Karma Savala said, “I think it actually had an impact on the students because you can see how they reacted and talked about the video.”

This program is really informative and should have an influential impact on the students. It should be provided to every school nationally, to spread awareness. The goal is to make sure the students are more careful and aware about the choices they make. As a result of this video, students will probably be more cautious of the choices they make. Just one mistake can cause the end of peoples lives, or of their own.