A “Unforgettable” Experience

A “Unforgettable” Experience

“The E-15 program was a great experience for our whole Senior and Junior class,” said Leticia Quevedo. “The atmosphere of the whole thing was really cool, especially the good the makeup was.” Ms. Quevedo is referencing to the event that went down in this past month which took a weekend to put it in full affect.

The Every Fifteen Minutes website describes their program as a production that “offers real-life experience without the real-life risks… an event designed to dramatically instill teenagers with the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol and texting while driving.” 

“It was extremely difficult to go the weekend without talking or texting any of my friends.” Leticia and the other participants weren’t allowed to have contact with the outside world to make it feel like they were really dead from a drunk car accident.

“It took about two days to record the whole thing, and one scene was about 40 minutes long,” said Leticia. The entire duration of planning took about “one-year to plan and prepare. This includes all of the involved agencies the hospital, court, lawyers, judge, coroner/funeral home, students, parents and school administrators,” as stated in the official Wiki of Ever 15 Minutes.

The affects of this program has  help bring the average death of a teenage drunk driver from every 15 minutes to every 40 minutes in California, according to Ms. Wertz.