Little dog big work

While Yoda’s small stature might not fit police dog stereotype, he could still get the job done.Yoda is a Jack Russel terrier. Yoda was rescued from a shelter.

Yoda is trianed to find methamphetamine, heroin, cocain, marijuana, and firearms.

“He hasn’t found anything yet. it’s only our second day,” said Officer Curtis Jue.

SUSD Police Cheif Bryon Gustafson said the district has spent $48,000 to services of a contracted drug-sniffing dog last year. So the district looked into purchasing its own.

Jack Russell terriers are known for their energy. Yoda is no different.

Officer Curtis Jue has handled many dogs before. His last dog he worked with was a German Shephard. His German Sherphard was 115 pounds. German Sherphards have a very hard time getting into small cars to search for things.