Spirit day for Thursday

Chavez Spirit

At Cesar Chavez High School there’s many events going on. For example, this past week we had spirit week. Spirit week is when students dress up. It’s a fun activity which consists of students dressing up as their favorite celebrities, as hippies, as people in the 80’s day, and much more.

For Thursday’s spirit day seniors had to dress up as something relating to the genre of hip-hop. Juniors had jazz, which was dress to impress. Sophomores had to carry a punkrocker look, and freshman had to dress as cowboys.

We went around to see what students dressed up as, also if they did so. Senior, Katherine Benitez told us she dressed up as Beyonce. When asked what she thought about spirit week she responded, “It’s entertaining and it gives the school a better outlook towards other schools.”

There were several students who didn’t dress up, for example, freshman Gerardo Garcia. When asked what he thought about spirit week he responded, “I think it’s cool, but I just prefer not to do it.”

When asked why he thought some students didn’t dress up and if he thought they were missing out he responded, ” Yeah they’re missing out , but I think they don’t do it ’cause they think they’re too cool.”

There are some students who don’t dress up and there are some who do in my personal opinion I would say some students don’t dress up because they think they’re too cool but overall some just simply don’t have school spirit and probably think it’s dumb.

School spirit is important for a school because it makes the school look better and have some type of fun. There’s some students who don’t dress up because their friends didn’t.

For example, Alize Almendarez freshmen, who when asked if she dressed up said , ” I dressed up on the first day but not the rest.” When we asked her why she did dress up she said, ” ‘Cause my friends did it too.”

It’s hard to get all the students to dress up because it’s not mandatory but it would be nice for them to show some school spirit and repersent the Titans.