Students inherit cheaper prices

To support my school and not be a loser. ”

— Juan Beltran

Students will inherit cheaper prices if they bring their ID’s to the football games. If they don’t bring their ID’s to the games, they would have to pay more.

We’re trying to find out why students don’t bring ID’s. We interviewed some students at our school.

John Kyle Maghanoy said, “I want people to know what school I go to, only when we win.”

But in other cases another student Juan Beltran said, ” To support my school and to not be a loser.”

The question that we asked was why are you going to the football game. Some of the students didn’t know that if they brought their ID’s they would get cheaper prices and if they didn’t the price would go up for them.

We asked other questions like why don’t they want cheaper prices if they were going. We got an answers from Michael Vang and he said, ” I want to look rich.”

And we asked Jonathan Yang, he said, “I want to support the school by paying more.”

These two students had a positive attitudes towards this question. Students would do the same to support our school and our schools future.

The last question we asked was, if you didn’t bring your ID’s would you still go?

Denise Hernandez answered, “Yes I would still go to support our games.”

She was very excited for the games. Students like Denise can be very supportive.

John Kyle Maghanoy exclaimed, “Yeah for the chicks and the cheerleaders!”

We all started laughing cause he said that. A lot of students would still go even if though they didn’t bring their ID’s and have to pay more.

In conclusion, the students really didn’t care if they had to pay more as long if they still went to the football game to show support for our school.