Sophomores Rock?

Rocking the tenth grade – that’s a joke

I don’t like rock really

— Nicolas Montantes

Thursday is class genre day and sophomores have rock. Meaning  they will have to show their school spirit by wearing leather , studs, black, etc. So far the students we have talked to didnt seem as excited for it as those who choose it. In my opinion i liked it and thought it was a great genre .

We talked to Oshanay Roberts a sophomore,”hip-hop would be better for our generation.” When we asked if she would dress up this thursday she said no, because she had no school spirit. I think students don’t dress up because they really don’t see the spirit we try to encourage them to  show at CCHS.

Nicolas Montantes said,”I don’t like rock really.” I believe they should had gotten a group of sophomores and asked them what they thought because not every one like rock and would like to dress like that. After asking him if he would dress up he also said no. He really didn’t like the idea of wearing leather, studs and things of that sort.

Though, their were a few positive sophomores. For example Denetra Richards said,” i’m going to dress up because its fun and I want to show my school spirit,” even though she did say she didn’t like what they choose. she thought something a little less crazy would have been better.

Daniel Talavera was another of  our some what positive students. “It was a nice thought but  not a lot of people have rock clothes,” said Daniel. He also said he was thinking of dressing up.

So after interviewing those few sphomores at Cesar Chavez High School we really dont have school spirit, and I ask all you 10th graders do sophomores rock?