Students not dressing up for spirit week

Chavez spirit goes down hill!!

Chavez spirit goes running! Students are becoming less creative and less active in school activites with an example of spirit week. Many students are blaming it on how the days they choose are boring, not fun , and is not exciting to them.

Aaliyah Binder, sophomore, said, “If we had  better spirit days I’d dress up.”

We all want to know where Chavez spirit went.

Elijah Fore’, a freshman said, “It seems like no one wants to participate in school activities.”

For a beginning high school student to notice that no one has spirit says a lot about our school. Spirit days are used so students can freely express themselves and their opinions.

“Most lower classmen don’t dress because they feel that it is embarrassing, or not cool because they are not comfortable with their surroundings,” said Lacy Birch, sophomore.

Most lower classmen are saying if we had better spirit days such as crazy sock day, Hawaiian day, etc. Spirit days like these are easy to dress up for, and they are fun. Simple and fun is always the best way to turn . The students at our school don’t want boring assemblies or activities such as rallies, games at lunch, and after school programs. Our school should have more fun things to do for our students here at Cesar Chavez.

I feel that having more fun activities plays an important role because it draws the students more towards the school like getting more involved and wanting to be a part of clubs, sports, and other activities the school has.

Most underclassmen agreed to make the students have a choice in the making of spirit days. some students suggested crazy sock day, costume day, sports day, twin day, and crazy hair day.

Maybe we should consider their opinions because our under classmen are our future of the school.