Previous Homecoming Queen

Nai Saephan is passing down the crown to the next pending Queen.

Winning Homecoming Queen of 2012 for Cesar Chavez was extremely surprising, yet overall breathtaking.”

— Nai Saephan, Homecoming Queen of 2012

The previous homecoming Queen of 2013 was Nai Saephan. We asked her if she would answer some questions and she agreed. So, we asked her if she think she was going to win the title of homecoming queen.

Nai said, “Honestly it never crossed my mind, that I would win because I did it for the experience and to show my Titian spirit.”

Then, we asked who gave her the support to participate in this event.

“There were dozens of positive people supporting and encouraging me through the entire event,” Nai said, “From friends to family, to show choir and weight training, I couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of them.”

The last question we gave her was if she actually wanted to become queen.

Nai said, “Every girl has a reason to wish to become queen.” “My reason was to make a positive influence on someone.”

My partner Matthew Mak and I, Lo Saephan went to interview her previous teachers and what they thought of her. We got to interview her choir teacher, Sugitan and questioned him. One of our question was if he enjoyed having Nai in his class.

“I enjoyed being with Nai,” Sugitan said, ” I had fun teaching her.”

After we asked him what kind of person did Nai seem in her class.

“Nai was a caring, sensitive, full of life, and very religious,” said Sugitan.

Then, we asked him if he was surprised that Nai won homecoming queen.

Sugitan said, “I was pleasantly surprised.”

The next day we got interview her high school drama teacher Mr. Castanon. We asked him what kind of student was she to him.

“Hardworking, caring person, fun, and energetic.” said Castanon.

We asked him if he was surprised when she won homecoming.

“Really surprised,” Castanon said, “It’s cool my brother and i both have a girlfriend that won homecoming queen.”

Then we asked him if he had fun, having Nai as a student.

“I had fun working with her, she was always down to try anything on stage,” said Castanon.

Everyone seems to like Nai Saephan, maybe that is why she won homecoming queen. Though, she had her moment of being queen, now another queen will be elected. All there is left to do now is just wait and see who the next queen that Nai has to pass down the crown to.