Hellraiser Movie Review


Jordan Cordova, Reporter

Hellraiser is a horror franchise reboot of the 1987 “Hellraiser” movie. I watched this movie recently on Fall break with my family and it was a great watch filled with suspense and wonderful CGI quality. This movie is based on a girl fighting with drug addiction while she’s dealing with this problem, she comes across an ancient puzzle box similar to a Rubix cube, but it has a wicked twist.

The majority of the main characters are young adults while having a couple of older cast members including Odessa A’zion, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison, Brandon Flynn, Aoife Hinds, Hiam Abbass, Kit Clarke, and Goran Visnjic.

This story consists of a group of young adults traveling to various mansions in order to stop the killing that this puzzle box causes by releasing cenobites who are monsters from an unknown world or universe. The cenobites toy around with their victims before their fate which ends in them dying in a gruesome way.

This movie had a decent storyline, but the acting was below average-in the end. A common thing with horror movies is the acting is never good and this movie definitely doesn’t have that.

Some great stuff about this movie is the concern of what was going to happen next and the Cgi quality, both were outstanding, and it kept me on my feet the whole time while watching it, but one thing that really bothered me was gratuitous sex scenes that were very random and didn’t make sense or added to the story, it was just a waste of screen time. This scene that really stood out to me was when “Nora” who is played by Aoife Hinds was being played around by one of the cenobites by poking a needle through her skull, seconds later chains were attached to her body and finally, she was ripped apart.

A lesson that you can learn from this movie is that you can’t trust everyone, even your closest friends. Betrayal happened in this story near the end, but it was needed for survival, and people will do anything for something great.

This movie is made for people who enjoy your average horror movie enjoyers due to it being filled with kills and a good storyline that will keep you entertained throughout the entire time. I strongly don’t recommend this movie to anyone who can’t handle a regular horror movie or children due to the scene revolving around Nora


Out of 10, this movie is a solid 8, it’s different from other horror films, and is very interesting how the plot develops and how the characters are taken out (killed) throughout the movie.