Netflix Original Thriller Asian Drama


Netflix has been releasing many great shows over the years, but these are some of the shows for those who like fantasy, horror, thrillers, crime, apocalypse, and diversity. With just these shows, Netflix has seen an increase in subscriptions during the first month of the release of these shows at least more than 20 million households with paid subscriptions had all watched these amazing shows. As I know these 4 dramas all have similar genres such as thriller, fantasy, crime, and apocalypse but they all have their own charm and give viewers different ways to feel about each show.

With the thriller and mysterious genre, it makes the show compelling and intends to keep the viewers wanting to continue watching, and in some episodes or seasons, they would leave us on a really big and intended cliffhanger which made us viewers mad and continue it faster and give more money to Netflix. Here is a short summary plot of the shows and what the shows are all about. 

Sweet Home is an apocalyptic, horror, and thriller K-Drama based on the Webtoon “Sweet Home” written by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-Chan. This show is about the main character Cha Hyun-Soo who moved into a new apartment after a tragic accident happened to his family and how he and the residents inside the apartment try to survive the monster’s apocalypse. Later on, monsters start appearing and trying to clear every human. On the other side, the people in Hyun-Soo’s apartment are all trapped inside the building, after realizing that the monsters are everywhere outside.  Now together in the apartment building, the residents are working together to get rid of the monsters inside the building and trying to survive as long as they can.

Sweet Home isn’t very specific or clear on humans turned into monsters or how they started but as you watch the show,  you might catch a glimpse of why every once in a while, which makes theory makers get a bit more work to do.  Even though it was not confirmed that Sweet Home will have a second season but there was a new report that Netflix will start casting more actors and will start filming in December.

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese science fiction thriller based on the manga “Alice in Borderland” by Haro Aso. The show is about the characters being trapped in abandoned Tokyo where they are forced to compete in a dangerous death game, the type and difficulty of the game are determined by playing cards. After surviving the first game, players will receive “visas”, which are extended the more they compete; if the visas expire, the players will be killed by a red laser being fired from the sky.

In this show, it wasn’t explained well how the people were brought and captured in abandoned Tokyo where they play the game to survive but it’s been revealed that 2 weeks after the shows were released Netflix has renewed for a second season for “Alice in Borderland” so I’m hoping they will explain to us about how the game started and how the people went into that world.


Kingdom is a Korean thriller, horror, historical zombie apocalypse series. The series is based on the webcomic series “The Kingdom of the Gods” which was written by Kim Eun-Hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il. The show is about Crown Prince Lee Chang and his crew trying to investigate and find the truth about the rumor of his father who is the King is Death and trying to see the King who is being hidden from him by his stepmother and her people. Due to the zombie, the country causes chaos and death that made Lee Chang trying to do things in his father place and trying to do something about the zombie and making sure it would not spread further, but later on he found out that it has already been spread and the whole country is full of death and chaos. The second season of the show is just more about Lee Chang struggling while trying to save his country and the people who are also fighting for their lives. Both of the seasons have many secrets and Lee Chang is trying hard to save lives and discover those secrets that could lead to saving the country and stopping the spread of the zombies. 

 Girl from Nowhere is a Thai mystery, thrilled, horror series that was created by studio SOUR Bangkok. The show is about Nanno, an enigmatic girl who transfer to different private schools in each episode and where she exposes the student’s ugly stories of lies, secret, and hypocrisy. Nanno is known to be an immortal entity, who punishes wrongdoers for their crimes and misdeeds. In this Nanno works to show the society in modern high school and show justice for victims of the wrongdoers.  To be honest, I had not watched this show yet but many have said that Girl from Nowhere is a very good show but at the same time it is very disturbing and thrilling which made it more interesting and good. 

Before watching please keep in mind that all these shows are 18+ rated.